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Monthly Watch Program

Monthly Watch ProgramWhen you have an empty house that cannot be checked on for several months at a time, it may be an advantage to have someone look in on your investment. On a monthly basis we will visit your property making it our priority to check indoors and out for any problems. We will provide you with comments in regards to our inspection or any other concerns you wish to list for us to check, such as water heaters, sprinkler timers, locked gates, after a storm, etc. The fee for this service is negotiable depending on where the property is located. Please call our office for further information.

Dear Homeowner,

Thank you for inquiring and considering our office for managing your property. Our office has over 40 years combined experience in real estate management. Please review the enclosed information. You will find the services we provide included in this packet.

In regards to laws and regulations for renting single or multi-family units, we have highlighted some of the more important items that must be accessible and in working order when you rent:

..Deadbolt on all entry doors …Heating facilities ..Smoke detector alarms …Stairs, floors, railings in good repair ..Strapped water heater …Proper plumbing and gas

When your property is placed on the rental market, as managers we take pride in showing it in its best condition! We can work together for any additions or repairs that may be needed.

When you chose to let us manage your property, we are negotiable, always appreciate input you may have and hope to have a good working relationship at all times. Our priority is to keep communication open, keep your investment in its best condition and get rents paid on time.

After your review of the following pages, please call our office to discuss management fees. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kathleen Kathleen Shinaver
Property Manager
Licensed in Real Estate

MOUNTAIN HOME PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is a full service business dedicated exclusively to managing and renting real property. Included in our task is management of individual homes, small apartment complexes, condominium units, office buildings and a monthly watch program. Our office has over 40 years combined experience and knowledge, capable of providing both owner and tenant with necessary services to protect the interest of all concerned.

· Provide tenants who can be relied upon to pay their rent in a timely manner and who will take proper care of the units rented to them.
· Make regular drive-by inspections of rental units to assure that the grounds are clean and neat and being cared for in a manner that the owners would approve.
· Make periodic interior inspections to assure that the interior of the rental unit is being properly cared for and that all facilities are working properly.
· Provide any needed maintenance or repairs that may become necessary in the most cost effective manner so that it will preserve or enhance the quality of the unit.
· Keep line of communication open regarding the status of your rental unit especially when any problems or concerns may arise.
· If desired by the Owner, make trust deed payments, association dues submittals and pay other bills related to the rental property.
· On a monthly basis, send proceeds and documentation in a timely manner.
· Upholding Owner’s interests in their rental units as our priority concern.

· Make our best efforts to match them with a rental unit that will meet their needs and those of the Owner.
· Conscientiously abide by all fair housing statutes and regulations in screening and selecting tenants for all rental units.
· See that they are provided with a clean, safe and pleasant living or working environment that is properly maintained.
· Be available to them in a timely manner if they should have any needs or experience any problems.
· See that any needed repairs or maintenance, which is the responsibility of the Owner or Property Manager, is accomplished properly and in a timely manner.
· Make a sincere effort to act as a fair mediator should any problems arise concerning their rental unit.


Residential rentals vary from the commercial office space in that one is to be a home and the other a place of business. The goals of the Owner of the various types of rentals may also vary. The following is an outline of Mountain Home Property Management’s tenant processing, applicable to all properties.

· Advertising is a key to finding the right tenant. We advertise in the local papers including the Sierra Star/Advertiser, the Mariposa Gazette and occasionally the Fresno Bee. Property for rent information is also put on the internet through Sierra Tel and the Sierra Star newspaper.

· The screening process begins with a preliminary interview to ascertain needs. Included in the screening is the requirement of a written application and in case of commercial office tenants, a history of their business activities and business references.

· The screening process includes determining adequate income (we require that tenant’s rent be no more than 30% give or take of their gross monthly income) and contacting current and past landlords along with diligent reference checks.

· Once a potential tenant has been chosen, one of the most important tests is run. A credit check ensures that the potential tenant(s) have shown responsibility in the past.

· Having passed the tests for tenancy, a rental agreement or lease is prepared for the signature of the tenant. The first month’s rent and security deposit are collected before the tenant occupancy. Our security deposit requirement is approximately 125% of the monthly rent.

· Finally, if a continual month-to-month management agreement is in effect, after placing the tenant, follow-ups are made to assure that not only rents are paid on time, but also that the property is maintained in a proper manner. Otherwise, all signed documents and proper monies are turned over to the Owner.